Millions of individuals suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD and chronic pain. We are here to help you help them.


Ketamine Consulting excels at assisting entrepreneurial clinicians establish their own ketamine clinics. We offer turnkey, comprehensive services that propel clients towards success in this revolutionary & vastly rewarding area of practice. We take a monumental task and make it easy. The end results for each client is:


a best-in-class, profit-generating ketamine clinic

a renewed love of medicine

the independence we all crave

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About the Founder


Physician and alumnus of Harvard Business School, Roman is fully committed to the idea of physician leadership and balancing patient care with management pursuits. As the founder and medical director of Vitalitas Denver, Roman has his fingers firmly on the pulse of what it takes to establish and develop a highly successful ketamine infusion center. Vitalitas has grown to become one of the country's most successful ketamine clinics.