Founder Roman Langston has established and run a successful ketamine clinic in a highly competitive environment. By leveraging his experience, you can build a successful ketamine clinic, and you can do so quickly. You will have access to advice from Roman on an ongoing basis. His ketamine clinic remains active and successful, so the expertise he continues to gain will yield further benefits for your practice. 

Here is a list of the services Ketamine Consulting will provide you with. These services will allow you to launch your ketamine clinic quickly, effectively, and safely.



Secure website hosting, design, development & ongoing maintenance

Patient intake and payment processing platforms integrated with website 

Search engine optimization (SEO) for highest possible ranking in Google and other popular search engines

Social media marketing: Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter setup and ongoing management and maintenance

Content marketing: development of four high quality, keyword-rich blogs per month

Design, development & broadcast of a monthly e-Newsletter

logo design & branding

We will develop, with your input, a high quality logo for your practice.

We will develop your brand and ensure that its integrity is maintained across all marketing touch points,  including your website and social media platforms.




Virtual answering service: Answers calls during business hours, with the ability to transfer calls directly to you, or take messages via voicemail. Receptionists have been thoroughly trained to perform at a high level for a ketamine clinic

Email service: A domain-specific email address (i.e. xxxxx@yourclinic’ to present a professional appearance. Email encryption is enabled for situations that call for this safety measure.

Phone service: Set up an inexpensive, flexible phone service that will allow you to make and receive calls from your cell phone without revealing your cell phone number.


Secure, reliable and affordable credit card transaction processing 

Payment processing seamlessly integrated with your website; allow patients to pay for their ketamine infusions through an online portal



Insurance Consulting

Advice regarding professional liability & business insurance


A comprehensive list of supplies needed to administer ketamine in your office setting

Connection to a medication supplier to keep you stocked with ketamine and other necessary drugs

Connection to an equipment supplier who will provide all administration equipment on an ongoing basis

Connection to a discount supplier for vital sign monitors & infusion pumps

Facilitate relationships with medication and equipment suppliers to make ordering simple and stress-free




Important direction regarding location, layout, and the type of office location that will make you most successful operationally and financially

Advice for furnishing your office inexpensively, yet in a way that gives a highly professional appearance; connection to a mail order supplier


Schedule efficiently with a scheduling application to meet the need of your clinic



Patient Forms

You will be provided with all of the necessary forms for use in your clinic:

• Consent form
• Privacy policy
• Cancellation policy
• Depression scale
• Anxiety scale
• Referral form
• Medical history form

Forms integrated with your website to allow online completion of the medical history form, depression scale, anxiety scale, privacy policy and cancellation policy


Learn the most efficient, cost-effective way to perform accounting for your clinic

Set up medical records for the patients in your clinic

Advice regarding payroll services should you ever have employees or 1099s



Treatment Protocols

Input on the pros and cons of various treatment methodologies, including sublingual and nasal

Advice regarding protocols for psychiatric conditions and chronic pain

Onsite & in-person consulting

Visit the offices of Vitalitas Denver as much as needed to observe our processes and participate in our operation